Anxiety and inflammation are major causes behind many issues. Since CBD oil seems to have both anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory benefits, it’s no surprise that people are curious about using this cannabinoid for various related conditions. For instance, many parents are hopeful that high-quality hemp CBD oil could alleviate speech impediments.

Although there’s no clinical data on using CBD for speech therapy, there’s emerging evidence suggesting CBD might benefit patients. However, before we go over the latest research, please remember that Tribe CBD oil isn’t approved for children. Any parent thinking about using CBD oil in their child’s wellness routine must speak with a pediatrician. 

How Could CBD Oil Improve Speech Therapy? 

Most speech therapists interested in CBD oil are curious about how this cannabinoid might reduce a child’s anxiety levels. Anxiety often aggravates speech impediments like stuttering, and some doctors believe there is a close association between these issues. Hemp-extracted CBD might help ease a patient’s social anxiety while speaking, which may help them make better progress in their training program.

There are now a few placebo-controlled studies showing CBD oil positively impacts social anxiety disorder. Researchers in Japan and Brazil gave CBD oil to a group of students who had clinically-recognized social anxiety. In both trials, those who took the CBD oil reported less stress than those who only took a placebo. 

Somewhat related to these findings, many researchers are investigating the role CBD oil may play in controlling autism symptoms. A few scientists in California now believe CBD may improve neuronal signaling in children with autism. Studies from Turkey and Israel also suggested children had fewer autism-related outbursts after they began taking CBD.  

Although autism and speech impediments don’t necessarily go hand-in-hand, communication issues are common warning signs of autism. So, if CBD seems to work for autism, it should bode well for patients who are in speech therapy. 

So, Is It Safe To Give CBD Oil To Speech Therapy Patients? 

Although this preliminary data suggests CBD might be an excellent adjunct therapy for speech therapy, doctors still don’t know about giving CBD oil to children. Currently, doctors only prescribe FDA-approved CBD drugs to children who are suffering epileptic seizures. Aside from epilepsy, doctors rarely recommend parents give children a CBD oil supplement.  

However, considering all of the positive research from the hemp field, some pediatricians are taking a closer look at CBD supplementation. There may be exceptional circumstances where a pediatrician could recommend trying CBD for a child with issues like autism or speech impediments. Just note that you need a doctor’s approval before using any CBD oil on a child. 

Hopefully, as scientists explore CBD oil’s effect on developing brains, doctors will better understand the safest way to reap CBD’s benefits without unintended consequences. Until that day arrives, Tribe CBD always recommends speaking with a medical authority before adding CBD to your child’s daily life.