Recently, customers and manufacturers have been putting CBD oil into some wild products. For instance, you can now find hemp-infused pasta, pet treats, and chocolate bars on the Internet. It’s also increasingly common for green tea drinkers to add a splash of CBD oil to their favorite warm beverage.

When you consider the similar effects CBD oil and green tea have, mixing these ingredients together makes a lot of sense. Indeed, many people who try CBD green tea claim this “superfood combo” helps them get into a “Zen” state of mind. However, there are a few precautions to note if you want the maximum benefit of adding CBD to a steamy cup of sencha.

Wait, Why Would Anyone Waste CBD In Their Green Tea?

Considering how pricey high-quality CBD oil can be, some customers are skeptical about putting their hemp extract in hot tea. Wouldn’t the tea dilute CBD’s effectiveness? Why not just take the CBD oil sublingually and call it a day? 

While it’s true that CBD oil has the highest absorption rate when placed under the tongue, that doesn’t mean it’s “ineffective” when you add it to beverages. The effects of a CBD edible may not be as pronounced as a sublingual dose, but they should still impact your endocannabinoid system. Indeed, some customers prefer the “low & slow” effect CBD drinks and gummies have on their mind, especially when they need to be productive at work. 

What makes CBD green tea extra special is the addition of caffeine. Although the caffeine in green tea doesn’t seem to make people as jittery as coffee, it’s still there. If customers are extra sensitive to caffeine, the CBD may help curb undesirable effects that make them feel “on edge.” Indeed, this is the primary reason CBD coffee has also become a hot topic in hemp circles.

Many of the benefits ascribed to CBD naturally complement green tea. For instance, CBD oil and green tea appear to have antioxidant compounds. Many people also use green tea and CBD oil to help manage stress and improve focus. Since these products have a similar impact on the mind and body, many customers feel CBD green tea provides a healthful blast of “superpower mindfulness.” 

Speaking of mindfulness, you may want to check out Tribe’s recent post on how to use CBD for mindfulness meditation. 

What’s The Best Way To Add CBD To Green Tea? 

The key to adding CBD oil to green tea is to wait till your drink has cooled. The hotter your tea is, the more likely the cannabinoids and terpenes in your broad-spectrum CBD oil won’t have the max effectiveness. CBD can disintegrate at high temps, so it’s best to wait for your tea to cool for 10 – 15 minutes before mixing it into your beverage. 

It’s also best to avoid adding milk to your green tea. Yes, matcha lattes may be delicious, but they aren’t ideal from a nutritional perspective. Interestingly, the protein compounds in milk block the absorption of antioxidants in green tea. You can learn more about milk vs. green tea in our post, “CBD Iced Matcha Tea.”    

However, since CBD is a fat-soluble compound, it would have a better chance of latching onto fatty compounds in products like milk. Some customers boost CBD’s absorption in their green tea by adding a pinch of alternative non-dairy milk (e.g., coconut, almond, or oat). As a bonus, since your alt milk naturally cools your green tea, you don’t have to wait long to add CBD! 

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