Sitting may not be as bad as smoking nicotine, but it’s still not so great for our health. Many studies suggest people with a sedentary lifestyle are at a greater risk for many chronic health conditions. Despite all of these health warnings, it appears that fewer Americans are hitting the gym. Indeed, the CDC now claims that 60 percent of US residents don’t get the recommended 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week. 

While Tribe CBD oil may not cure a sedentary lifestyle, it might give people the “kickstart” to get out of this unhealthy habit. If people know how to use CBD for fitness, they may find it’s easier to get into a workout routine. 

Wait, Wouldn’t CBD Make You Sit More? 

Since CBD is so closely associated with sedation, you may not think it’s the best option for overcoming a sedentary lifestyle. Don’t most people use CBD oil to de-stress before bed? 

While CBD oil can have a sedative impact, it usually takes a high dose of this supplement to make people feel groggy. Also, most customers who use CBD for sleep will buy specialty products like Tribe’s CBD Sleep Shots that have traces of secondary ingredients like melatonin. 

CBD oil can decrease a user’s anxiety in low or moderate doses without inducing sleepiness. In fact, many athletes swear by using CBD oil before a match to enhance focus and get rid of pre-game nerves. You could learn more about this phenomenon in Tribe CBD’s previous blog post

For many people, the most challenging part of starting a new fitness routine is getting started. CBD oil may help remove the anxieties, doubts, and excuses that keep people stuck in a sedentary lifestyle. Also, the anti-inflammatory properties in CBD oil may help people run just a little further than they thought they could. This could be a confidence booster for people new to jogging, which should help establish a healthy habit. 

Please also remember you could take CBD after a workout to experience many benefits. For instance, some people use CBD’s relaxing properties to supercharge their sleep health. CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties may also speed up the healing process and reduce DOMS-related aches & pains. All these effects should make it easier for people new to exercise to stick with their new habit for the long haul. 

Remember: CBD Alone Won’t Stop You From Sitting!  

While it would be nice to take a magic pill and experience exceptional health, people must put forth an extra effort to get rid of their sitting habit. While CBD may help people stay on track, please remember it’s not a panacea. You’ll probably need to set aside time to rearrange your schedule and prioritize weekly fitness sessions.

Health experts recommend looking at aspects of your life where you could add extra movement. For instance, some people recommend taking a short walk during lunch breaks. You may also want to deliberately park your car far from a store to get some extra steps. 

The more creative ways to add light exercise to your daily routine, the better. 

Stop Sitting & Start Sprinting With Tribe’s CBD Energy Shots! 

If you need to electrify your exercise routine, then Tribe’s CBD Energy Shots may be what you’re looking for. After finishing this berry-flavored beverage, prepare to “blast off!” The combination of CBD and all-natural caffeine will give you a non-jittery buzz before your workout. 

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