The practice of yoga is no longer just for brahmins. Today, this physical and spiritual discipline has become an international sensation. Recent estimates suggest that well over 37 million Americans now participate in regular yoga classes. It’s also easier to find many online yoga courses for at-home practice. 

Although CBD isn’t a “traditional” aspect of yogic practice, plenty of athletes have begun using CBD to enhance their workouts. So, it’s no wonder more aspiring yogis have started experimenting with Tribe CBD oil before rolling out their yoga mats. Many of CBD’s effects align with yoga’s benefits, which may help people get more out of this ancient Indian practice. 

How Does CBD Oil Benefit A Yoga Routine? 

Many of the benefits associated with CBD oil and yoga are the same. Most notably, people use CBD and yoga to help “calm the mind.” Research has shown that regular yoga routines can decrease blood pressure and the stress hormone cortisol. Many studies show CBD oil works better than a placebo to treat social anxiety disorder (SAD).

CBD’s anti-anxiety properties are especially good for people new to yoga practice. Even though yoga takes a non-judgemental attitude towards fitness, it can be daunting for newcomers to enter a yoga studio. CBD oil may remove a person’s initial apprehension about practicing yoga in a group.

Besides reducing anxiety, hemp extract seems to help athletes increase their endurance and recovery time. Many trials suggest CBD oils and topicals have an anti-inflammatory effect on the body. Although yoga poses may look serene, they involve many muscle groups and can strain a person’s joints. Injuries in yoga aren’t uncommon, and many people experience delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) following a session. 

Taking CBD with a yoga session should decrease overall inflammation, which may mean people might recover faster from a yoga session. Yogis may also find it takes less effort to stretch just a little further thanks to CBD’s anti-inflammatory protection. 

When Should People Take Tribe CBD For Yoga? 

Some yoga practitioners are concerned that taking CBD before their session will make them feel too sleepy. Although CBD has a reputation for sedation, most healthy adults don’t experience CBD’s sleep-promoting qualities at low or moderate doses. Generally, people need to take a large amount of CBD or a special product like our CBD Sleep Shots to feel fatigued after using CBD.

As mentioned in a previous post, many athletes rave about using a little CBD oil 30 minutes before a game or training session. Using CBD before your yoga routine may improve your endurance and decrease social anxiety. 

However, everyone reacts to CBD differently, so it’s best to test CBD oil at home on an off-day. Start with the lowest CBD dosage and keep working until you find a level that gives you superior focus and stress relief. 

If you don’t feel comfortable using CBD oil before a yoga session, you could always take your CBD afterward to help promote muscle recovery or sleep health. You may also consider using a CBD topical to quickly soothe tense muscles or joints while at a yoga session. CBD lotions like Tribe’s Cool Therapy Cream don’t penetrate the blood-brain barrier, but they have a direct anti-inflammatory effect wherever you use them. 

Add Tribe CBD To Your Yoga Studio’s Shelves! 

As more yogis discover the benefits of CBD oil, people will likely see “CBD for sale” at yoga studios. Indeed, many yoga businesses already sell CBD-infused wellness products like CBD topicals, oils, and gummies. Companies like Tribe CBD have years of experience helping businesses like yoga studios stock their shelves with high-quality bulk CBD products.

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