CBD won’t get users high, but it may “heighten” their endurance during a big game. Indeed, it’s no secret that many athletes swear by using CBD to give them an extra “oomph” on game day. Whether we’re talking about CBD oils or topicals, it’s clear this cannabinoid is a superstar in the athletic community. 

So, what makes CBD such a special supplement to consider before a big match? Is the “hemp hype” for real? 

Wait, Is It Legal To Use CBD Oil Before A Sporting Match? 

CBD is not considered cheating, according to the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). The same year the US cleared hemp-derived products with the 2018 US Farm Bill, WADA clarified its stance on cannabis use in sports. While WADA still classifies THC as illegal, it no longer has an issue with hemp CBD. 

Does this mean every sporting league on earth agrees with WADA’s standards? Not necessarily. Athletes must double-check with their coach before using CBD oils. However, it’s unlikely that athletes will encounter problems if they use high-quality hemp products containing zero THC.

Please remember that some CBD oils can have ≤ 0.3 percent delta-9 THC. While this tiny amount of THC isn’t enough to get users “high,” it may register on a cannabis screening test. Therefore, it’s always recommended athletes stick with CBD tinctures that show zero THC content to avoid this scary scenario. 

Also, please remember that CBD topicals never penetrate the blood-brain barrier. So, if you’re extra worried about THC appearing on a urine test, you can rest assured CBD balms will only have localized effects wherever you use them. 

Why Do Athletes Use CBD Before A Big Game?

Athletes often focus on CBD’s post-workout benefits. Specifically, customers highlight CBD’s anti-inflammatory effects, which may reduce post-workout soreness and enhance muscle recovery.

While these anti-inflammatory benefits could enhance endurance during a game, they aren’t the primary reason to use CBD before a big match. Interestingly, CBD’s primary pregame benefit may be psychological. 

Numerous placebo-controlled studies show CBD can reduce social anxiety disorder. Although most of these studies tested CBD’s effect on public speaking, the pressure of a packed stadium correlates well with a conference hall. 

Many athletes report intense performance anxiety before a significant match, especially on a competitor’s court. CBD’s anti-anxiety features may help athletes tune out their inner critic and get “in the zone.”

What’s The Best Way To Take CBD Before Hitting The Court? 

Athletes should never experiment with CBD products for the first time before a significant match. Although CBD has a positive reputation in the sports industry, everyone reacts to this cannabinoid differently. Also, there are many CBD products on today’s market with unique potencies and secondary ingredients that may influence their effects. 

First, customers must ensure their CBD oil comes with high-quality third-party lab results. Low-quality hemp extract isn’t going to help anyone out.  

Next, athletes should start with a low dose of CBD oil before a workout and see how it affects their performance. If you didn’t feel anything from this low dose of CBD, try increasing it by about 10 mg per session till you find a level that works for you. Note how each amount of CBD affects your stamina, focus, and endurance. 

Once you’ve found a dose of CBD that works for you, use it about 30 minutes before your scheduled game. Alternatively, you could use CBD creams like Tribe’s Cold Therapy Cream before and after your workout to help with localized joint and muscle strain. 

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