Along with arthritis and hypertension, diabetes is one of the USA’s most common chronic health conditions. The CDC now estimates at least one in ten Americans have some version of diabetes, with most adult patients dealing with type 2 diabetes. 

Since diabetes is a lifelong condition, there’s no “quick fix” for managing it. Patients will always need to monitor their blood sugar levels and follow any dietary restrictions and exercise programs their doctor recommends. 

Although there are many viable therapies and medications for diabetes, many patients have begun Googling “CBD near me.” Since hemp promises to heal so many inflammatory conditions, diabetes patients are hopeful this cannabinoid could provide some relief from their symptoms. Although some diabetes patients love using Tribe CBD oil, it’s essential to review the latest findings on safely using CBD for this condition. 

Could CBD Help Patients Manage Diabetes? 

As with many other medical conditions, most of the “data” on using CBD for diabetes is anecdotal. Few studies have shown a link between CBD use on managing blood sugar levels. In fact, a few small trials suggest CBD doesn’t affect blood sugar fluctuations. 

However, many researchers strongly believe the endocannabinoid system (ECS) plays a significant role in insulin management. Recent studies show that people who have a heightened ECS have a greater risk of severe type 2 diabetes. Since hemp cannabinoids interact with the ECS, some scientists believe a few chemicals could help people with diabetes balance their body’s insulin response. 

While it’s unclear how CBD affects insulin and blood sugar, many people with diabetes swear CBD positively impacts their life. How? Well, it appears CBD’s anti-inflammatory and anti-stress properties have secondary effects on diabetics. By naturally reducing anxiety and inflammatory pain, CBD may make it easier for people with diabetes to remain active and healthy. 

CBD may also help dampen neuropathic pain signaling. Again, we can’t say CBD will help with diabetic neuropathy, but it’s possible CBD topicals or oils could help reduce the stinging pain associated with this condition. 

Lastly, please remember that CBD isn’t the only cannabinoid in the hemp plant. Although CBD is the most dominant compound in hemp flowers, smaller cannabinoids like CBG, CBN, and CBC have potential therapeutic properties. As more researchers look at how these rare cannabinoids affect blood sugar and insulin production, they may develop novel therapeutic options for diabetes patients. 

If you’re looking for CBG near me, please don’t forget to check out Tribe CBD’s CBG oil capsules. You could also find out more about how CBG differs from CBD in this previous blog post

How Should Diabetics Use CBD Oil? 

People with diabetes should never take CBD oil without a doctor’s approval. Even though hemp extract shows excellent potential, there’s a lot scientists don’t know about CBD’s effect on diabetes. Also, many researchers fear that CBD could interfere with prescription medications. If you’re already taking pills for diabetes, please schedule an appointment with your doctor to ask whether CBD would be a good strategy.

It’s also crucial for diabetic patients to stick with CBD oils, tinctures, and topicals. Most CBD gummies have some traces of sugar, which can mess with a diabetic’s meal plan. Also, please verify the CBD company you’re working with doesn’t use any artificial sweeteners or dyes in their CBD products to avoid a bad reaction. 

Please Never Go With Low-Quality CBD Oil! — Always Check Third-Party Tests

If your doctor allows you to try CBD oil for your diabetes, please don’t run out and buy the first CBD product you see! Unfortunately, many well-advertised CBD products are of poor quality. You should only trust CBD brands with a long reputation for success and third-party lab tests. 

Tribe CBD recognizes that not everyone in today’s hemp market emphasizes transparency. That’s why we’ve decided to publish all of our third-party lab tests online so customers can trust our hemp-derived products. Please review this webpage to see why Tribe CBD is a safe choice.