Feeling “backed up” can be a literal pain in the butt. Kidding aside, constipation is a prevalent complaint in the contemporary world. Some surveys suggest as many as 15 – 20 percent of Americans struggle with chronic constipation. Unfortunately, since this condition is somewhat embarrassing, many patients don’t seek the treatment they need to achieve their peak digestive wellness. 

While Tribe CBD always recommends speaking with a doctor before trying alternative therapies, more people are using CBD as an all-natural digestive aid. Don’t worry; it doesn’t appear CBD is a laxative! However, when taken in proper doses, CBD oil may decrease the likelihood of dealing with an uncomfortable bout of bloating. 

How Could Tribe CBD Oil Help With Constipation? 

There are a few potential ways CBD may help constipation patients overcome their digestive distress. Researchers now believe the endocannabinoid system (ECS) affects the digestive system. Indeed, there are now studies that show we have cannabinoid receptor sites throughout the gut. By targeting these cannabinoid receptors with compounds like CBD, there’s a chance digestion could improve. 

Although we can’t say more about the ECS’s impact on digestion, CBD oil helps naturally reduce psychological stress. Multiple surveys reveal people who have chronic constipation are more likely to have an anxiety disorder. Therefore, the natural relaxation CBD provides should positively impact digestion. 

Please also remember that CBD oil has natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds. People who struggle with chronic constipation often have noticeable inflammation in their digestive tract. Some doctors are hopeful hemp’s anti-inflammatory properties may help repair tissue damage.

Wait A Second; I Thought CBD Oil Could Cause Constipation? 

When companies list CBD’s most common side effects, you may see terms like “digestive upset” or “digestive distress.” While these phrases technically include “constipation,” anecdotal testimonies suggest diarrhea is more common. 

Even though many people use CBD oil to combat digestive problems, there’s always a chance patients could have a bad reaction to this cannabinoid. It’s rare for healthy adults to report constipation or diarrhea after taking CBD, but there’s no way to know how your body will respond to hemp extract. 

If you notice your digestion is off after starting a CBD supplement, please stop using it and see if your symptoms improve. Please seek medical attention if you’re worried about CBD’s impact on your digestive health.

Lastly, please remember that the quality and dosage of your CBD oil will have a significant impact on your experience. Inferior CBD oils can have high traces of toxic compounds like heavy metals and pesticides, which could mess up your digestion. 

Plus, even if you have a high-quality CBD product, there’s a greater chance you’ll experience side effects if you take too much. Please always stick with the lowest-recommended doses of lab-verified CBD oils. 

Fiber, Fitness, And Hemp Flower! — Add Tribe CBD To Your Wellness Routine! 

Hemp is a pretty remarkable plant, but that doesn’t mean CBD is a “cure-all” for digestive ailments. Sure, CBD could help improve your digestive health, but it’s not going to be super effective without proper diet and exercise. For optimal results, we’d recommend taking CBD oil alongside other healthful habits like a high-fiber diet, hydration, and regular exercise. 

If you’re struggling to get into a fitness routine, you may want to look into Tribe CBD’s Energy Shots. Using only all-natural green caffeine, our CBD-infused berry shots will get you moving in the gym…which may help your digestion “get moving,” too!