High blood pressure is at all-time highs. According to the CDC, at least 47 percent of the American population has some degree of hypertension. 

Unfortunately, since high blood pressure usually doesn’t manifest as noticeable symptoms, there are probably millions more patients who don’t know they have this condition. When blood pressures are constantly elevated, patients are at a far greater risk of severe issues like a stroke or heart attack.

While there are many science-backed ways to reduce high blood pressure, some researchers believe CBD could be a great adjunct therapy. Anyone struggling to lower their blood pressure should consider asking their doctor about products like Tribe CBD oil

How Could CBD Bring Our Blood Pressure In Balance? 

CBD’s effect on hypertension is still debatable, but most studies show this cannabinoid naturally reduces blood pressure in humans and mice. 

For instance, a trial from the University of Nottingham showed that CBD worked better than a placebo at lowering blood pressure in healthy adults. Researchers also found that CBD had a similarly positive effect whether the patient was subjected to extreme cold or in a comfortable resting state. 

One trial from the Medical University of Białystok looked into CBD’s effect on the blood pressure of humans and mice. Although CBD appeared to have a slightly different impact on human vs. mice physiology, these findings suggest CBD relaxes vascular size and lowers blood pressure. 

While these findings are impressive, nobody’s sure how CBD exerts these positive effects. The most plausible theory relates to CBD’s anti-stress properties. As we’ve mentioned in many previous blogs, there are placebo-controlled trials that show CBD can reduce social anxiety disorder. Since high blood pressure is closely correlated with conditions like anxiety, it makes sense that CBD’s stress-relieving effects help people with hypertension. 

It’s hard to say what causes CBD’s effect on the cardiovascular system, but most recent evidence suggests it has a noticeable impact. 

How Should Hypertension Patients Use CBD Oil? 

The FDA only regulates CBD-infused drugs for the management and treatment of childhood epilepsy. Therefore, there’s no scientific way to administer CBD oils, edibles, or creams for conditions like hypertension.

Patients who want to use CBD for high blood pressure should first speak with a primary care physician who has experience with this supplement. Not every patient reacts well to CBD oil, and this cannabinoid can interfere with other medications. Only a doctor familiar with your symptoms could recommend CBD products.

New CBD customers should start with the lowest recommended dose and monitor their blood pressure every day. Patients can keep increasing their CBD oil by about 10 mg per day until they achieve the blood pressure score they’re looking for.

Please remember that CBD oil alone probably won’t have a considerable impact on high blood pressure. Although CBD shows great promise for people with hypertension, it’s always best to combine this supplement with other healthy practices like regular exercise, stress-reduction techniques, and a well-balanced diet. 

Please remember the FDA does not evaluate CBD for hypertension. Nothing in this post is intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any medical condition. 

Tribe CBD Puts Our “Heart” Into Hemp! 

If you’re searching for “CBD near me,” chances are you want to use this cannabinoid to enhance your well-being. Well, the only way CBD will have a beneficial impact is if you take a product that has high-quality standards. It’s never good to use CBD oils loaded with heavy metals, solvents, and pesticides! 

At Tribe CBD, we take great care to screen our CBD oils, creams, and edibles at third-party labs before shipping them to your door. We also publish all of our third-party lab results online, so there’s nothing to hide! Please check out these official lab reports to see why you can trust Tribe CBD’s products.