When nature calls, everyone has to respond. However, as we get older, these “calls” to the bathroom tend to get more persistent. While it may be embarrassing to talk about, it’s natural to experience bladder issues as we age. Recent statistics suggest at least half of today’s seniors have some degree of bladder incontinence. It’s also common for men to complain of prostatitis and women to develop pelvic pain syndrome later in life. 

While various medications and therapies help manage these issues, some reports suggest CBD oil for seniors could be of great benefit. While the research into CBD for bladder health is only beginning, there’s a lot of fascinating research to look forward to. 

Does CBD Play A Role In Bladder Function? 

At this point, we don’t know for sure how CBD affects bladder conditions. However, researchers at Michigan’s Beaumont Hospital recently released a report that shows we have cannabinoid receptors in the bladder. While it’s unclear how these CB1 and CB2 receptors are involved in bladder health, they likely play some role in regulating this organ. Since CBD works indirectly on the endocannabinoid system, it may help influence regular bladder functioning. 

There was also an interesting study out of London that examined CBD and THC in a group of MS patients. For this trial, researchers evaluated how often participants went to the restroom while taking either CBD or delta-9 THC supplements. Although this study was small, it suggested these cannabinoids positively impacted urinary health. Participants seemed to go to the restroom less often and experience fewer troubling symptoms like pain, frequency, or urgency.  

Some researchers speculate CBD directly influences bladder health via the ECS, but there may be other explanations for these findings. For instance, CBD is well-known for decreasing psychological stress and inflammation. Both of these conditions often exacerbate conditions related to urinary health. Therefore, when people experience CBD’s anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory benefits, they may enjoy the secondary benefit of better bladder health.

Will CBD Stop Late Night Trips To The Loo?

When talking about CBD and bladder-related conditions, it’s impossible not to mention “nocturia.” Indeed, many customers now use CBD oil before bed to prevent unwanted nighttime trips to the bathroom. 

While there are a few trials examining CBD for sleep, there’s no conclusive data on how CBD could help nocturia patients. It would make sense that CBD’s anti-anxiety effects should promote restful sleep, but we can’t say anything conclusively. So, if you’re struggling with nocturia, you could try CBD if you have a doctor’s approval. However, we can’t say at this point whether CBD will cure this common symptom.

So, Is Tribe CBD Good For Bladder Health? 

Most of the recent research into CBD for bladder health is positive. Scientists now know we have cannabinoid receptors in the bladder, and a few small trials suggest CBD may help MS patients with bladder-related symptoms. However, please remember that CBD is no replacement for professional medical care. 

While CBD oil may be excellent adjunct therapy for seniors, you need to speak with a doctor before using our products. Also, please remember that CBD can influence prescription medications. You must talk with a medical professional to ensure it’s safe to use one of our CBD products.