Countless customers now use Tribe CBD’s products to help curb stress and anxiety symptoms. However, there are still questions over whether CBD is an effective therapy for every mental health condition. For instance, some patients have begun using CBD oil to manage bipolar disorder. Proponents claim CBD’s anti-anxiety effects help manage bipolar episodes, but do scientists agree with this theory?

Before you start using any hemp-derived product for mental health conditions, you need to speak with a trusted doctor. While there are some encouraging findings about using CBD for bipolar-related symptoms, not every patient reacts to this cannabinoid in the same way. 

Does CBD Oil Work For Bipolar Disorder? 

Unfortunately, there’s too little data examining CBD’s effectiveness on bipolar disorder. In fact, most of the trials examining medical cannabis for bipolar disorder focus on THC or a combination of CBD and THC. Most of the small studies on CBD for bipolar patients haven’t yielded any noteworthy results. 

However, there’s still hope that CBD may have potential in the future management of bipolar-related symptoms. Most significantly, people believe CBD could reduce both anxiety and depression. 

Many studies suggest CBD helps ramp up the production of “feel-good” chemicals like serotonin and anandamide. Some research suggests people with depression or bipolar may have low serotonin levels, so a daily dose of CBD may reduce the severity of mood swings. 

Please remember there’s no clinical evidence CBD is a “treatment” for bipolar disorder. At this point, the most we could say is that a high-quality CBD supplement might help bipolar patients manage their symptoms. Hopefully, more tests will reveal how bipolar patients can safely use CBD oil as a part of their healing regimen. 

So, Is Tribe CBD Safe For Customers With Bipolar Disorder? 

At this point, bipolar patients should speak with a trusted healthcare provider before using a CBD supplement. Even though Tribe’s CBD oil comes with third-party lab tests, CBD can interact with other medications. People who are already using antidepressants or other prescription pills for bipolar should never take CBD without a doctor’s approval. 

Unfortunately, there’s too little evidence on how CBD affects bipolar symptoms to give a safe recommendation. While CBD may help some patients naturally manage symptoms like anxiety and depression, that doesn’t mean bipolar patients should use a hemp extract without speaking to a doctor. Always listen to your physician’s advice before purchasing CBD products. 

Confused About CBD’s Safety? Stick With Tribe CBD! 

The research into CBD may be in its preliminary phases, but we are learning more about this hemp cannabinoid every day. For the latest science-backed tips on safely using CBD, we’d recommend keeping tabs on Tribe CBD’s blog and social media. Our hemp experts are passionate about sharing the highest-quality info on CBD so you can make an informed purchase.

Also, if you want to learn why Tribe CBD is a reliably safe hemp brand, we’d recommend reading through our FAQs. You could also contact our staff if you have any concerns about using our CBD products.