Although there’s CBD in the cannabis plant, CBD doesn’t provoke many of the infamous side effects associated with weed. For the most part, the stereotypical reactions people experience with cannabis are due to the psychoactive cannabinoid THC. Since CBD oils have ≤ 0.3 percent delta-9 THC, the effects of these products are distinct from THC-loaded marijuana. 

For instance, many people who use cannabis experience red and itchy eyes shortly after their session. Does this mean CBD oil will trigger these eye symptoms? Will people be able to tell you’ve been using CBD by looking at your eyes? 

Does Tribe CBD Oil Trigger Or Tame Red Eye Symptoms? 

All of the current research into cannabis suggests THC is responsible for provoking red eyes. Apparently, THC alters the body’s circulatory system, which sends a ton of blood to the eyeballs. The sudden surge in blood flow gives people who use THC-containing strains this characteristic symptom. 

By contrast, there’s no data that suggests CBD significantly alters eye appearance. In fact, some research suggests CBD may help reduce red eyes in certain instances. As we mentioned in a previous blog article, some studies suggest CBD might naturally lower blood pressure. By comparison, THC seems to speed up a person’s heart rate immediately after use. 

Interestingly, many patients use CBD oil to soothe seasonal allergies. In addition to the sniffles, red eyes are a common seasonal complaint. Some people believe CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties naturally relieve nasal pressure and may reduce the odds of severe itchy eyes. 

So, Is CBD Safe For Eye Health? 

Just because CBD oil doesn’t appear to provoke red eyes doesn’t necessarily mean it’s safe for eye conditions. Most significantly, people with glaucoma must be extra cautious around CBD extracts. 

While this may sound counterintuitive, it appears THC has more therapeutic potential for glaucoma than CBD. In fact, many recent studies suggest moderate levels of CBD oil could increase intraocular pressure (IOP), which is what glaucoma patients want to prevent! Only delta-9 THC shows potential to naturally lower IOP scores, albeit temporarily. 

Scientists don’t know why CBD oil seems to increase IOP scores, but they urge glaucoma patients to proceed with caution. If you have a condition like glaucoma, you must speak with an optometrist before adding CBD to your diet. Only a trained doctor could monitor your IOP scores and recommend whether a CBD supplement works for your healthcare routine. 

For the latest science on CBD for eye health, we’d encourage you to read this previous Tribe CBD post

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