Most ads surrounding CBD give the impression that this supplement is all about “rest & relaxation.” While there’s no denying CBD has impressive anxiety-relieving effects, high-quality CBD oil might also give users a “brain boost.” Indeed, many employees say they use Tribe CBD oil during their workday to be extra productive. Some people even claim CBD is their “secret strategy” for defeating distraction. 

How Do You Use CBD For A “Concentration Boost?” 

There’s no unique method to take CBD oil specifically for concentration. In fact, recent studies out of London suggest CBD naturally increases blood flow to the brain’s hippocampus region. While the hippocampus is strongly associated with memory, it may also influence focus and attention.

While CBD seems to help our brains “pay attention,” there are a few considerations customers should keep in mind. For starters, you need to use CBD oils with high-quality Certificates of Analysis (COAs). Third-party lab results ensure you’re using a clean hemp extract without harmful ingredients like pesticides and heavy metals.

Please also remember that certain CBD oils have secondary ingredients that may alter your supplement’s effects. For example, Tribe CBD never recommends taking our CBD Sleep Shots before a big meeting! These specialty CBD shots have traces of sleep-promoting compounds like melatonin that are beneficial before bedtime. 

Once you’ve established you have a clean CBD oil that’s fit for daytime use, you have to consider your dosage. You should avoid high doses of hemp extract when using CBD oil during the daytime. Recent tests reveal large quantities of CBD oil are more likely to induce sleepiness. Most healthy adults have a better chance of experiencing CBD’s focus-enhancing properties if they take “microdoses.”

Of course, figuring out your ideal dose of CBD oil will depend on your age and body type. You must also remember that CBD can interact with other medications and supplements. If you’re taking prescriptions, you must speak with a doctor before using Tribe CBD oil.

Some people claim putting CBD oil under their tongue is ideal for a daytime dose because it has fast-acting effects. Remember that you don’t need too much CBD with this “sublingual method” to have a noticeable impact. Sublingual CBD ingestion delivers almost 100 percent of this cannabinoid to your ECS. 

On the flipside, some customers love using CBD gummies during the day because they have a more sustained and subtle impact. However, it’s also easier for customers to overdo their dose of CBD edibles. If you use CBD gummies during the day, we’d advise sticking with just one on your first day. Please resist the urge to take a ton of CBD gummies early on, because you’ll probably experience side effects later. 

Please read this previous Tribe CBD post for more info on dosing CBD edibles. 

Can Secondary Cannabinoids Improve CBD’s Focus-Enhancing Effects? 

While CBD shows tremendous benefits for focus, please remember it’s not the only cannabinoid in the hemp plant. Interestingly, some research suggests low doses of the psychoactive delta-9 THC may be better for anxiety than moderate or high doses of THC. 

However, please remember that legal CBD oils will never have above 0.3 percent delta-9 THC. This tiny trace of THC isn’t enough to make you feel high, but it may be enough to have a minor impact on concentration. 

CBG is another cannabinoid that shows great therapeutic potential. We don’t know as much about CBG versus CBD, but scientists know that most natural CBG-A in hemp transforms into CBD-A and THC-A. So, since CBG has such a close relationship with CBD, it tends to have many of its benefits. 

You can learn more about CBG on Tribe CBD’s CBG capsules page

Feeling Fatigued? Consider Tribe’s CBD Energy Shots! 

If you’re having a tough time completing your daily tasks, consider adding some caffeine to your CBD! Did you know many employees are now mixing CBD into their morning cup of coffee? Allegedly, CBD’s soothing properties help counter any “jitteriness” you’d get with caffeine while providing a mental boost.

Customers could also consider energy-focused CBD products like Tribe’s CBD Energy Shots. These all-natural extracts have a sweet berry flavor with a blend of CBD and caffeine. Please find out more about Tribe’s CBD Energy Shots on this link.