The pain caused by a toothache can be debilitating. In fact, recent statistics suggest many Americans have to call in sick to tend to their toothaches. Experts estimate the USA loses about 15 million working days every year due to this common dental issue. 

While CBD will never replace professional dental care, there are a few customers who have turned to cannabidiol to reduce toothache-related pain. Since CBD seems to have anti-inflammatory effects, it should help patients manage this symptom…right? 

Could Tribe CBD Oil Help Reduce Toothache Pain? 

To be fair, there’s no clinical data examining CBD’s direct effect on toothaches. However, plenty of studies show CBD helps people manage chronic pain. Specifically, researchers believe CBD can reduce bodily inflammation, which often helps with pain symptoms. 

There are a few reports suggesting that CBD may positively impact oral hygiene. As we mentioned in a previous post, Brazilian researchers studied CBD’s impact on gum inflammation. Although scientists performed this study on rats, it suggested CBD could improve gum health.

There’s also great hope that CBD’s anti-anxiety effects could decrease the severity of “nighttime grinding” (aka bruxism). Understandably, people who grind their teeth at night are more likely to experience toothaches during the day — especially if they don’t have a dentist-approved night guard. Since CBD tends to have a calming effect on the body, it may help relax the jaw before and during sleep. 

How Are People Using CBD For Toothaches? 

To feel the full effects of Tribe CBD oil, it’s always best to place your dose under your tongue before swallowing. When you hold the CBD “sublingually,” it gives your tongue extra time to absorb CBD into your bloodstream. Since this method bypasses the natural digestion process, it results in a faster and more intense experience.

However, some customers say they experience great results placing a few drops of Tribe CBD oil directly on their affected tooth. By itself, CBD probably won’t get rid of the pain, but it could have local anti-inflammatory effects. After a few minutes, you may notice your toothache pain feels slightly better. 

Hey, when you’ve got toothache pain, a few drops of CBD oil is worth a shot!

Disclaimer: Please Don’t Use Tribe CBD As Your New MD! 

Please remember that CBD research for dental conditions is only in its initial stages. While CBD’s anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety effects could help with various issues, it’s not a replacement for professional dental care. 

If you’re experiencing constant or acute pain in your teeth, you need to speak with a dentist ASAP. A professional diagnosis can determine what’s causing your tooth pain and what you can do to fix it. You could also ask your dentist for their thoughts on using CBD to help manage your symptoms. 

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