Forget the phrase “pain in the butt;” it’s way more likely Americans are experiencing “pains in their feet!” According to a recent survey, over 77 percent of US residents have pain or tenderness in their heels, toes, or feet. Shockingly, about 33 percent of the people who complained of foot issues said they wouldn’t see a specialist anytime soon. 

Apparently, many of these foot patients are searching for all-natural remedies to get over these painful symptoms. For instance, the demand for CBD-infused foot creams has skyrocketed since hemp was legalized in 2018. But is the rise in hemp balms all hype, or is there some substance to the recent rise in CBD foot creams? 

Can CBD Take A Load Off Your Tender Toes? 

To be honest, there aren’t any clinical trials examining CBD’s effect on foot pain. However, most researchers believe recent studies into CBD for arthritis have positive implications for foot health.

Most notably, research at the University of Kentucky found that CBD topicals decreased inflammation in rats with knee arthritis. Another well-known study from Cornell University showed CBD capsules seem to reduce knee arthritis in a group of older dogs. 

Since most foot-related issues stem from inflammation, CBD’s apparent anti-inflammatory properties may be a “great fit.” There are countless online testimonials about CBD’s effectiveness on foot-related pain syndromes. 

And it’s not just soreness or aches that CBD appears to relieve. According to Scripps Mercy Hospital’s data, CBD topicals could reduce stinging nerve-related pain. This information strongly suggests CBD may help patients manage neuropathic pain in their feet — or anywhere else, for that matter! 

How Should Patients Use CBD On Their Feet? 

Most people who use CBD for their feet prefer to use a topical product like Tribe’s Cold Therapy Hemp Cream. When you apply CBD on your feet, it will have a direct impact wherever you rub it in. Interestingly, our skin has countless cannabinoid receptors that do a great job absorbing cannabinoids like CBD. While the CBD won’t penetrate through your skin layer, it should have a pain-relieving effect wherever you apply it. 

Although using a CBD cream is the best strategy for foot-related issues, customers could also experiment with adding CBD oils or CBD gummies to their daily routine. These products won’t have as direct an impact on foot pain, but they could help reduce overall inflammation. When patients combine internal and external CBD products, they often notice the best relief from chronic foot-related issues like plantar fasciitis, arthritis, or foot ulcers. 

Try Tribe’s CBD Cream For Pain-Free Feet 

Please don’t let CBD’s association with “cannabis” scare you from trying products like Tribe’s CBD Cold Therapy Cream. Unlike the psychoactive cannabinoid THC, CBD is non-intoxicating. Tribe CBD always verifies that our products have ≤ 0.3 percent delta-9 THC, and we publish our third-party lab results online to prove our commitment to quality.

Plus, CBD topicals can’t pass through the skin into the bloodstream. Therefore, there’s zero risk even these minuscule traces of THC will enter your body and cause adverse reactions. Instead, CBD topicals work their magic on the skin’s cannabinoid receptors. 

Please check out this link for more info on how our CBD Cold Therapy Cream works.