The “sound of silence” isn’t all that silent for many Americans. If you’re one of the millions of patients with tinnitus, you know what we’re talking about. Tinnitus refers to a persistent ringing sound that can significantly decrease a patient’s quality of life. 

Unfortunately for tinnitus sufferers, there aren’t a ton of lab-verified therapies that can cure this condition. There are, however, a few all-natural techniques that may help manage tinnitus. 

For instance, many people in the tinnitus community are experimenting with CBD oil. Since CBD has anti-inflammatory effects, patients assume it may help with that dreaded ringing sound. So, are these anecdotal testimonies legit? 

Can Tribe CBD Oil Help With Tinnitus? 

Although there have been a few preliminary studies on CBD oil for tinnitus, there’s no conclusive evidence on this topic. In fact, a study out of New Zealand’s ​​University of Otago suggested cannabis may intensify tinnitus symptoms. However, the researchers involved in this trial looked at both CBD and THC, so it’s unclear how much CBD triggered this negative result. 

Some scientists suggest CBD’s supposed anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory effects should decrease tinnitus severity. There’s growing evidence that stress and inflammation play a role in many tinnitus cases, so it makes sense that CBD should help patients manage their symptoms. 

As Tribe CBD mentioned in previous posts, CBD may also help relieve jaw tensions in conditions like TMJ disorder. Since the jaw is so close to the ears, there’s often a crossover between TMJ-D and tinnitus frequency. For more information on how CBD affects TMJ-D, please read through this Tribe CBD blog

Although we don’t have clear evidence that CBD can relieve tinnitus, some anecdotal testimonies suggest it can have a positive secondary effect on this troubling issue. By reducing stress and inflammation, Tribe CBD oil may reduce a tinnitus patient’s burden. 

How Should Patients Use CBD Oil For Tinnitus?

If tinnitus patients want to test CBD oil, they should first review third-party lab screenings associated with their preferred brands. High-quality CBD oils should always come with lab tests that prove your product’s CBD/THC concentration. It’s also essential to avoid CBD oils that show any signs of heavy metals, pesticides, or other toxins. 

Once you’ve discovered a CBD oil with high purity standards, start with the lowest recommended dose. You may not experience significant symptom relief with this small amount of CBD, but it’s important to never rush into a new supplement. There’s no telling how you’ll react to CBD oil, so please start with a tiny amount and increase each day by about 10 mg.

There are many ways you could take CBD oil, but most customers prefer placing their dosage under the tongue for a few seconds. This “sublingual method” delivers CBD directly into your bloodstream, which results in faster and more potent absorption. 

Please keep detailed notes of how much CBD you’re taking per day and any noticeable impact on your tinnitus. Also, if you’re already taking medications for tinnitus, please don’t begin using CBD oil until you have an all-clear from your doctor. 

Trust Tribe CBD To Take Away Your Tension

Tribe CBD can’t guarantee our hemp extract will get rid of tinnitus. However, plenty of placebo-controlled studies suggest CBD is one of nature’s greatest de-stressors. Since tinnitus can cause psychological tension, products like Tribe CBD oil can significantly help tinnitus patients on difficult days. 

Whether you’re interested in Tribe’s CBD gummies, oils, or creams, we promise our products meet extremely high standards. You can find out more about Tribe CBD’s products by reviewing these third-party lab test results.