It’s getting more common to see CBD in “uncommon” product categories. For instance, most customers probably never imagined “CBD shaving creams” when the US government legalized hemp extract in 2018. 

While CBD shaving creams are still a niche segment of the CBD topical space, they are a reality. Plus, since these CBD shaving creams are a great gift idea, they’re often the first hemp-derived product new customers try. Some people may be so impressed with their CBD shaving cream’s effects that they will be more prone to try CBD gummies or oils! 

Why Would People Use A CBD Shaving Cream?

Any potential benefits that CBD provides to shaving cream likely enhance this product’s uses. People already use shaving cream to reduce the incidence of nicks and cuts by giving extra protection and moisturization. CBD oil seems to add a protective coating that may minimize skin irritation and cuts while people shave.

How is this possible? Well, there’s strong evidence that our skin has countless cannabinoid receptors. When the CBD in a lotion lands on our skin, it may trigger dozens of benefits. Most notably, researchers believe CBD exerts anti-inflammatory effects when applied topically. 

So, even if you’re too aggressive with your razor blade, the extra CBD in your shaving cream may minimize inflammation. Indeed, a few trials suggest CBD topicals can reduce inflammation and redness due to eczema. So, people who are prone to skin rashes after a shave may notice better results with CBD-infused shaving cream. 

Is It Safe To Add CBD Oil Directly To Shaving Cream? 

As long as you have a high-quality, lab-tested CBD oil, adding a tiny bit of your hemp extract to your shaving cream is usually safe. You have to double-check if there are any non-skin-friendly ingredients in the CBD oil you want to use. 

For instance, most CBD tinctures have alcohol, which can dry and irritate your skin. Always look closely at the ingredients in a third-party lab test before deciding whether to add CBD to a shaving cream formula. 

If you don’t feel comfortable adding CBD directly to your shaving cream, you could consider using this cannabinoid in your aftershave routine. For instance, you may experience great results mixing a touch of CBD oil in an aftershave formula. Some people also use skin-safe CBD topicals to re-moisturize their skin and reduce inflammation after a shave. 

Please remember that most CBD topicals aren’t specifically designed for shaving, and some aren’t safe to use on your face. You must contact the manufacturer for safety instructions if you have any doubts about how to use your CBD cream. Also, please never use a CBD product that doesn’t come with third-party lab results. 

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