Many people say they never want summer to end, but this sunny season has a dark side. In fact, doctors now believe the hot temps of summer could ramp up our stress levels. There’s even a medically-recognized condition called “summer anxiety.” “Summer anxiety” doesn’t get as much press as seasonal affective disorder (SAD), but it’s a legit mental health concern. 

Since many people already use CBD for anxiety, it makes sense that this supplement could ease “summer stress.” Indeed, countless patients who struggle with anxiety during the summer rave about using Tribe CBD oil. While CBD may not be enough to heal “summer anxiety,” it shows great potential. 

Hold On, Why Would Anyone Get Stressed During Summer Break? 

When people hear about “summer anxiety,” they’re often skeptical. After all, most people wait all year to take advantage of the summer’s outdoor activities. Plus, isn’t all that vitamin D supposed to be good for your mood?

While the extra sunshine may ward off depression, there are many anxiety triggers in the summer. Most notably, people are more likely to be dehydrated during the summer months. Not only is it hotter outside, more people will likely overexert themselves while traveling or enjoying the great outdoors. Many symptoms related to dehydration mimic anxiety (e.g., dizziness, confusion, and headaches).

But it’s not just dehydration that causes a spike in anxiety cases during the summer. Plenty of people get anxious when trying to plan summer getaways. Also, there’s a lot of stress involved in traveling to your destination, whether you’re taking a plane, train, or car. 

Lastly, it’s more common for people to neglect healthy sleep habits during the long days of the summer. Doctors always recommend getting a healthy seven hours of shuteye to ward off symptoms like anxiety. 

Can CBD Oil Seriously Help People With “Summer Anxiety?”

Few researchers nowadays doubt that CBD has natural anti-anxiety properties. There are plenty of placebo-controlled trials that suggest CBD can relieve symptoms related to social anxiety. There are also preliminary reports that CBD may improve a person’s sleep quality. Both of these symptoms should help relieve the symptoms related to “summer anxiety.” 

CBD also shows excellent potential as an anti-inflammatory agent. Since stress and inflammation are interrelated, CBD’s anti-inflammatory effects may improve “summer anxiety.” Plus, when people feel fewer aches & pains, they’re more prone to exercise, which should positively impact mood.

However, please remember that CBD oil isn’t a panacea for “summer anxiety” symptoms. If people aren’t properly hydrated, then a dose of CBD oil probably won’t make them feel much better. It’s also crucial for anxiety patients to re-evaluate their sleep schedule during the summer months. While CBD could positively influence “summer anxiety,” it will work best when combined with hydration and plenty of sleep. 

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