Autism has reached epidemic proportions in many nations. For instance, the CDC recently estimated that one out of every 44 American children now has some degree of autism spectrum disorder. Although autism is becoming increasingly prevalent in today’s society, doctors are still at a loss to cure this condition. However, many in the alternative healing community believe CBD may play a role in the future management of autism symptoms. 

While trials on CBD for autism are preliminary, a few results suggest hemp extract may help reduce the severity of this mental condition. Hemp may not be a panacea for autism patients, but CBD might soon make its way into holistic healing programs.

What Do The Tests Say On CBD Oil For Autism?

Firstly, it’s essential to note that CBD oil isn’t an approved treatment for autism spectrum disorder. Also, most CBD oils are only intended for adults, so parents should never give CBD to their children without a doctor’s permission.

That being said, researchers have begun investigating CBD’s effects on children diagnosed with autism. For instance, a two-year trial out of Turkey examined the impact of 20:1 CBD-to-THC supplements on a group of 33 autism patients. Not every child experienced positive results with CBD supplementation, but researchers found that most parents reported an improvement in at least one autism-related symptom. The authors concluded that CBD oil might improve an autistic patient’s mood and social skills. 

Another trial out of Israel’s Ben Gurion University examined CBD’s effect on a small group of children who struggled with autism. While this test wasn’t as long as the Turkey trial, Israeli doctors noticed that 80 percent of study participants had either high or moderate symptom improvement after eight months on CBD oil

Scientists at UC San Diego have also begun investigating whether CBD may positively affect the brain health of autism patients. According to neurologists, CBD may naturally dampen overactive brain signaling in areas related to autism symptoms. While this research is ongoing, doctors believe CBD’s effect on neurotransmitters might help children struggling with autism. 

There’s also growing evidence that autism is intertwined with inflammation. As Tribe CBD has mentioned in numerous posts, CBD seems to have natural anti-inflammatory properties. On top of that, plenty of placebo-controlled studies suggest CBD supplements could reduce social anxiety disorder, which is often closely associated with autism. This combination of anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety effects may help explain why CBD has a positive impact on many autistic children. 

Please Never Use Tribe CBD Before Talking With An MD! 

We understand that all of the info presented above is incredibly exciting for parents who have a child with autism. Tribe CBD looks forward to the day when doctors fully understand the healing potential of high-quality hemp extracts. However, please remember that all of the findings on CBD for autism are preliminary. Also, most of the CBD oils on today’s market are for people over 21. 

Parents must speak with a certified pediatrician if they want to use a high-quality CBD oil for autism. It may be possible to use CBD in an autism treatment routine, but you must have the supervision of a trained doctor. Also, CBD oil is no excuse for neglecting other science-backed treatment strategies, including psychological counseling and behavioral therapy. Please speak with your pediatrician to determine the best holistic treatment regimen for autism.