Countless 21st-century lovers are already replacing champagne and chocolate with CBD gummies. Believe it or not, many anecdotal testimonies suggest CBD has potent aphrodisiac qualities. If you’ve stumbled across this post, chances are you’re one of the many people interested in using CBD for a little extra help with lovin’.

To be fair, the research into CBD’s aphrodisiac potential is minimal. However, many researchers believe a bit of CBD oil could have a noticeable impact on users’ relationships. Just be sure to review what we know about CBD’s effectiveness before using it for a “libido boost.” 

Can CBD Stimulate A Person’s Libido? 

There’s very little data surrounding CBD’s usefulness as a “libido enhancer.” Most of the data on CBD’s effectiveness as an aphrodisiac is purely anecdotal. 

However, a few preliminary trials suggest CBD could have a positive effect on people’s love lives. For starters, Italian researchers recently discovered cannabinoid receptor sites “down below.” Since CBD influences the endocannabinoid system, it’s likely CBD may enhance sexual health & desire. 

Many researchers also speculate CBD’s anti-anxiety effects play a role in its purported “aphrodisiac” qualities. When people feel less tense, it’s easier to focus on the present moment and overcome issues like “performance anxiety.” There are already multiple placebo-controlled trials that suggest CBD works wonders for social anxiety disorder. 

How Should You Use CBD Oil As An Aphrodisiac? 

Currently, it’s better to think of CBD oil as an anti-anxiety supplement rather than an aphrodisiac. While CBD may have some libido-enhancing qualities, it’s not a magical “love potion.” Instead, CBD oil seems to help people who struggle with the stress that often accompanies sex and relationships. 

The best way high-strung lovers could take advantage of CBD is to use this cannabinoid before a big date. Taking even a tiny dose of CBD 30 minutes before a date can significantly reduce restless thoughts and muscle tension. 

Remember not to overdo your CBD dosage, especially if you’re new to this supplement. Higher doses of CBD are associated with intense fatigue. Therefore, customers should experiment with CBD oil before using it on a date night. You should know how CBD affects you at different dosages to ensure you won’t fall asleep during a meal. For reliable, lab-tested and verified CBD products, try Tribe CBD!