Along with India’s Ayurvedic techniques, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has gained a ton of attention in the alternative wellness space. Although TCM hasn’t gone mainstream in the West, more patients are opening up to the healing methods promoted by TCM practitioners. Since hemp CBD has also become a big deal in today’s wellness market, some customers are curious about what TCM physicians say about cannabidiol.

Is CBD oil approved in TCM, or could it interfere with the effectiveness of more traditional herbs and healing practices? 

Does CBD Oil Have A Place In TCM?

Interestingly, hemp has a long history in China. In fact, most researchers believe Ancient China was one of the world’s first civilizations to cultivate hemp crops. Granted, most of these hemp flowers were used in textiles, but there’s also evidence that people in Ancient China ate hemp seeds.

There’s also some data that some of China’s pioneering physicians saw healing potential in the hemp plant. Some professional acupuncturists point out that the term “Máfén” in some Chinese texts could refer to high-CBD hemp. At the time, doctors didn’t know the chemistry of hemp flowers, but it seems like they saw how it could help with conditions like stress, anxiety, and inflammation. 

In TCM terminology, “Máfén” was associated with helping patients who had “cold qi.” Without getting too deep into “qi theory,” this means CBD hemp could relieve aches & pains associated with arthritis. 

Please note: There’s a great debate over the role cannabis and hemp played in the history of TCM. However, it’s clear that hemp has played an important part in Chinese history, and it’s doubtful that Chinese herbalists didn’t run across this plant in their practice.

Precisely how the Ancient Chinese used CBD for various conditions is unknown, but it’s clear many of today’s TCM clinics are open to this herb. Indeed, you may find many acupuncturists in your area selling or recommending high-quality CBD oils for many conditions. Plus, since there’s so much demand for CBD in today’s wellness industry, it should spur more historical research into how CBD fits into the science of TCM. 

How Should People Use Tribe CBD Oil With TCM? 

As noted above, we don’t have a ton of solid evidence on how CBD should be used in TCM. Like traditional Western medicine, TCM doctors would likely use CBD hemp on a case-by-case basis. Herbalists are also aware that mixing various medications could negate or intensify their effects. Therefore, it’s always advised patients never start taking CBD if they’re already on other prescriptions. 

If you’re interested in using hemp CBD products like Tribe CBD oil with TCM, we’d suggest speaking with a licensed TCM practitioner or an acupuncturist. It’s also wise to talk with your primary care physician, especially if you have pre-existing conditions. Getting this expert guidance will help you formulate the best CBD wellness strategy for your needs. 

See If Tribe CBD Could Improve Your TCM Therapy

Hemp CBD is a natural fit for the holistic healing techniques used in TCM. After all, most people visit TCM clinics for help with conditions like anxiety or chronic pain. According to most surveys, these two symptoms are the key reasons customers first give products like Tribe CBD gummies a try.

Whether you’re new to TCM or you’re already a fan, you may experience huge benefits by adding high-quality hemp products like Tribe’s CBD oil to your routine. If you don’t feel comfortable taking CBD internally, you could also research topical lotions like Tribe’s CBD Cooling Therapy Topical.