Every organ has a vital role to play, but the heart is of central importance. Without a healthy heart, there’s no way people could enjoy peak wellness. Unfortunately, heart-related diseases are the primary cause of death in most nations.

In fact, the CDC now estimates that heart disease is the number one killer in the USA. American adults now have a one in four chance of dying from a heart-related condition.

Thankfully, we can use many science-backed strategies to keep our hearts in tip-top shape. In addition to a balanced diet, stress reduction, and regular exercise, CBD oil may be an excellent addition to a heart-healthy lifestyle. Although the research into using CBD for cardiovascular health is ongoing, preliminary trials show this cannabinoid has tremendous potential. 

How Can CBD Oil Help Your Heart? — A Look At A Few Recent Studies

Doctors researching CBD for heart health are most encouraged by this cannabinoid’s anti-inflammatory properties. Although we often talk about using CBD to reduce joint inflammation, it appears these anti-inflammatory benefits extend to the cardiovascular system.

Indeed, a few recent trials discovered that CBD might have a positive effect on our arteries. By helping to reduce swelling, CBD may make it easier for blood to circulate throughout the body. Less inflammation is always good news for improving heart function and reducing the odds of hypertension.  

Speaking of hypertension, there’s some evidence that CBD may naturally manage blood pressure. There are rat and human trials that suggest CBD has the ability to lower a patient’s blood pressure score, even when subjects were exposed to mild stressors like cold temperatures. 

CBD’s anti-stress properties may also be beneficial for heart function. There’s mounting evidence that mental health conditions like anxiety can increase a patient’s risk of a heart issue. As we’ve mentioned in previous posts, CBD seems to work better than placebos for people who struggle with social anxiety disorder. Therefore, taking hemp-extracted CBD may improve mood and benefit heart health. 

Can Heart Patients Safely Use CBD? 

Considering all of the studies listed above, it may seem obvious that CBD is safe for every heart patient. Yes, these trials are exciting, but please remember that CBD research is in its beginning stages. Also, everyone reacts differently to CBD oil, so new patients must take a cautious approach.

Customers should also know that CBD can affect the absorption of other supplements or prescription meds. Anyone already taking pills for a heart condition should steer clear of CBD unless they have a doctor’s approval.      

Only a professional physician with experience prescribing CBD will know how to add this cannabinoid into your daily schedule. When you have the official “go ahead” to try CBD, please start with a low dose and slowly work your way up each day. Also, you must follow your doctor’s instructions on timing CBD oil, especially if you’re taking prescriptions. 

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CBD can only have a positive impact on heart health if it’s properly sourced and studied. The FDA still doesn’t screen CBD oils, edibles, or tinctures, so it’s up to companies to publish third-party lab results for their items. If your hemp vendor doesn’t supply third-party lab tests for some reason, then chances are they’re hiding something from you! 

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